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    Online Workshop on Evaluation Resilience Results to Disasters

     30.03.2021 18:07    1012 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall organized an online workshop on evaluation resilience results to disasters, chaired by Angela Cutasevici, Deputy Mayor.

    During the meeting, the deputy mayor mentioned that thanks to the support of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), Chisinau will be able to become a resilient city, which will better cope with the natural and man-made disasters, protect its citizens, be able to absorb the impact of economic, environmental and social dangers, promote well-being, inclusive and sustainable growth.

    Following the assessment of the situation at municipal level, it is planned to develop a medium-term action plan to improve resilience. The participants in the workshop agreed that the document should focus on the necessary actions to recover the situation in the medical system, but also to include other areas, which also suffered from the pandemic, such as: education, social and child protection. Following the approval of that plan, activities will be initiated to develop a long-term strategy, covering all areas relevant to resilience, by 2030.

    Chisinau is the first city in the Republic of Moldova to join the UNDRR initiative - Improving urban resilience by 2030 and the first city to use the preliminary scorecard on urban resilience to disasters and the public health system resilience addendum.

    The Urban Resilience Scorecard is a tool that allows a city to assess its disaster resilience, monitor and review progress and challenges in implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction for 2015-2030. At the same time, the results obtained can be used to develop a long-term strategy to reduce disaster risks and improve resilience.

    Chisinau's participation in the Improving Urban Resilience by 2030 initiative will facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the participating cities and will serve as a good example for other urban localities in the country and region.

    Thus, Chisinau aims to play an important role in strengthening regional cooperation and developing innovative partnerships that will improve local and regional resilience.