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    Chisinau delegation visited Cluj Napoca City Hall

     18.02.2022 17:37    732 Views    

    A representative delegation from Chisinau City Hall visited the municipality of Cluj-Napoca. The General Mayor, Ion Ceban, joined the team on Friday, which was in Cluj for a few days, during a working visit.

    During the meeting between Ion Ceban and Mayor Emil Boc, the conclusion of a Twinning Agreement between Chisinau and Cluj was established this year. Also, the mayors agreed on the organization of cultural events, but also exchange of experience in various fields.

    These days, the delegation from Chisinau had working meetings on issues related to the concept and activity of local police, but also the digitization of institutional processes.

    Following the discussions, the representatives of the two municipalities shared their visions and experience regarding the role of local police, the implementation phases of such a project, strengthening the institutional capacities of the central public administration with responsibilities in the field, to increase the quality of public local police service.

    Ion Ceban mentioned that our city needs local police, and in this context, the representatives of Cluj City Hall are going to send to the municipality the necessary documents to elaborate on the project and the concept of Local Police in Chisinau.

    Regarding the aspect of digitalization of public services based on Cluj's experience, the delegation from Chisinau was acquainted with the activity of the Information Technology department and the programs implemented by LPA on the digitization system.