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    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor, attended the opening ceremony of kindergarten No.140 of Bacioi commune

     21.01.2021 12:37    763 Views    

    Ion Ceban, the General Mayor, attended the opening ceremony of the “Ion Creanga” kindergarten No. 140 of Bacioi Commune, after the finalization of the capital repair works of the building. The kindergarten has a capacity of 160 seats and 7 groups, including a day care group.

    The working process included the changing roof, repairing the food block, group rooms, facades, as well as the pavilions and playgrounds, for which Chisinau City Hall contributed with 80 percent of the amount of 20 million allocated for the rehabilitation of this objective.

    The rehabilitation of the social infrastructure in the suburbs remains a priority for the municipality, stated the Mayor. Therefore, he regularly pays visits to the objectives which are currently in the working process within the Bacioi commune, to ensure the work is in accordance with the plans.

    The kindergarten was connected to the natural gas network, in November 2020, as a result of our cooperation with the administration of "Chisinau-Gaz" LTD. Despite the fact that the connection to the gas network has been difficult, as well as the high costs, it has been overcome and now young families with children can benefit from quality public services in their locality ", said Ion Ceban.

    The kindergarten No.140 rehabilitation started in 2012, and since then, financial support was provided annually from the municipal and local budgets. Thus, the City Hall of Chisinau allocated in 2020 about 1.6 million lei, for finishing works and landscaping.

    Also, the Government of Romania, contributed with the amount of 852 808 lei for equipping the kindergarten with furniture, household and laundry equipment, technical-industrial equipment for the kitchen and sports inventory.

    The kindergarten was closed in 1994, and since then parents have had to take their children to kindergartens in the capital.

    In 2020, the Chisinau City Hall, together with Băcioi LPA, carried out other important projects, such as: the capital repair of the roof of Kindergarten No. 101, the facade and the construction of an annex to Kindergarten No. 171; the repair of the roof and the facade at the Gymnasium No. 102 from the village of Brăila; repair of the roof of the Primary School No. 101; rehabilitation and modernization of the access road to Băcioi commune. For this purpose, in 2020, 8 million lei were allocated from the municipal budget.

     Thus,over 8 million lei were allocated from the municipal budget in 2020 for the Bacioi commune.