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    Online premiere of the documentary "Mauthausen - Two Lives"

     26.01.2021 15:05    515 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall announces that in the context of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Austrian Embassy in Chisinau is launching today, January 26, 2021, the online premiere of the documentary "Mauthausen - Two Lives".

    The film tells the story of two eyewitnesses of the horrors that took place in the concentration camp at Mauthausen (Austria), where the intellectual and social elites of the countries occupied by the Nazi regime during World War II were deported.

    In a sensitive and multidimensional approach, Austrian director Simon Wieland sketches portraits of the two protagonists - prisoner Stanisław Leszczyński, a native of Łódź (Poland), and Franz Hackl, a local who worked there as a locksmith apprentice, in their confrontation with Mauthausen, an important symbol of the Holocaust and what guilt and cruelty mean.

    The result is a strong and moving documentary about humane and also, above all, inhumane behavior in the face of crime.

    The film will be screened online at the homepage of the Austrian Embassy Chisinau with Romanian and Russian subtitles starting on January 26 at 6.00 p.m. and will be free available for an entire month till 24 January 12.00 p.m. 

    To watch the movie with Romanian subtitles, please access this link bellow

    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mauthausendouavieti and enter the code ROUMTL2021

    To watch the movie with Russian subtitles, please access this link bellow

    https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mauthausendvezhizni and enter the code MDAMTL2021 for Russian subtitles

    The Mauthausen-Gusen complex was created in 1938, near a stone quarry. It increased in capacity as the war progressed and the number of detainees increased, developing as a whole to over 40 camps spread over almost all of Austria. Prisoners were exploited in quarries for construction materials, ammunition, weapons  and factories, mines, etc.

    The Mauthausen concentration camp was the second last to be liberated by Allied troops on May 5, 1945, and the number of those who lost their lives here and in the satellite camps was estimated at over 90,000 people (https://www.mauthausen- memorial.org).