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    Setting a green line to notify issues in municipal healthcare institutions

     22.03.2021 13:00    786 Views    

    Chisinau City Hall informs that citizens will have the opportunity to report the problems that they face when applying for primary health care institutions in the capital. An announcement to this effect was made today by the General Mayor, Ion Ceban, during the meeting of the municipal services.

    Ion Ceban has noted that, in the last period, the municipal authorities have received several complaints, where including patients with COVID-19 report the difficulties experiencing when requiring primary care. 

    "We have asked those responsible to set up a single phone number (the green line), where people can inform us about the problems they face in municipal medical institutions," the General Mayor noted.

    The epidemiological situation through COVID-19 is still alarming both in Chisinau and throughout the Republic. A total of 94,882 coronavirus patients were registered in the capital, which is 44% of the total number of cases per Republic.

    In this context, the capital's Mayor said that, for the municipality, vaccinating teachers is a priority. At the same time, about 70 percent of medical staff in the municipality have been vaccinated.

    "Thus, the Education, Youth and Sports Department is going to prepare the lists of teachers who want to be vaccinated. We are in a situation where teachers are worried and do not want to work, and many teachers have lost the fight against the virus. Thus, if we want pupils to return to school, it would be good that during this period, teachers also be immunized at their own will. They are also in the risk zone, in the front line. We also requested that teachers in kindergartens be given the priority assistance if necessary", concluded   Mr. Ion Ceban.

    A similar request was sent by the municipality to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection to give priority in the second stage vaccination (which begins this week) to teachers, to minimize the risk of infection, as well as to protect teachers.

    It should be mentioned that the municipality will identify sources to obtain rapid tests, in order to protect the education system, based on the experience of other countries in the region.

    According to international epidemiological practices, vaccination is prioritized in areas and regions with an increased incidence of infection, which is characteristic of Chisinau, especially recently.